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Hartiatoys® made from paper

In certain Slavic languages, the word HARTIA means paper. Hartiatoys®, or Couplicoles® (taken from the French for cut-fold-paste), were conceived to entertain children ages 6 to 12 as well as their parents. Hartiatoys® are inexpensive and allow children to develop their motor skills and three-dimensional thinking. More than 50 colorful models of animals, birds, and other lovable characters are available. To get started, you can find the interactive assembly techniques for Couplicoles® on the Web site

Couplicoles®, creatures of delight!

Couplicoles® are enchanting animal and human characters to cut, fold and paste – hence the name, from the French à couper, à plier, à coller. Couplicoles® are delightful creatures made from paper, so much fun to bring alive!

"Gorilla one, gorilla two, three gorillas in a zoo!" You can make the whole zoo with Couplicoles®, say the toy’s creators.


Look how cute they are! A new and original design, colourful and friendly, Couplicoles®, so lively and cheerful, charm young and old alike!


Couplicoles® are available in thematic sets(1) that include 12 bright colourful characters printed on soft cardboard (one per card). You can also get your kids’ favourite images from the site(2) - download Couplicoles® and print them at home – in colour or black and white, depending on your printer.

Created to develop the manual dexterity of children ages 6 to 12, Couplicoles® come in different degrees of difficulty that vary according to age group (indicated on every card).


There are not thirty-six ways to assemble Couplicoles®. You only have to know how to cut, fold, and… paste. Oh! And maybe how to read. But that’s all!

Forget the stress of play stations, the frustration of complex connections, and the dependence on batteries that need to be recharged! Niet! Nein! Finished!

All you have to do is master three easy age-old techniques: cut, fold, paste. Three steps, that’s it!


One, two, three, look and see...but there’s more – then comes four! Couplicoles® target four different markets: kids, teens, grown-ups, and old folk. Hmm… that’s pretty much everyone!


How many fingers does it take to use a computer? One to hold the mouse (and the thumb, of course) and one to click! Couplicoles® are a leap forward for humanity: you need all five fingers of both hands – right and left!

It won’t take long to discover the sophisticated charms of Couplicoles®! Don’t wait any longer, get them now in print or digital format. Bring out your kids creativity - start a collection of 3D paper creatures for your young creators and re-create Old MacDonald’s farm and Noah’s Arc!

Now you just need some sound effects to bring these creatures to life …what do you want to bet that your little ones will jump at the job?

1. There are more than one hundred different cards, grouped in thematic boxes of 12, available at bookstores near you. Suggested retail price: $12.99.
2. All cards are available on our Web site for $1.25 each.