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Not a day goes by that my oldest sons are not asking for paper, scissors, and glue so they can make a variety of things. They are exactly the kind of kids in mind for Hartiatoys®. Hartiatoys are paper models designed for kids ages 6 to 12 who love to cut, fold and make things from paper (See more...)

Original and creative, these three-dimensional paper toys from French toy company, Hartiatoys are designed to entertain children and also serve as learning tools. (See more...)

Here is a project that I want to do with my tots! And that’s the point, we all want to “play” with our tots but you can only play Candyland for so long before the boredom actually bores a hole in your head. (See more...)

Sara's toy box

The set, Martial Arts, comes with a variety of cool fighty dudes. Our favorite was the sumo wrestler. (See more...)


I'd like to introduce you to Hartia Toys today. Some of you may have heard of them already, but if you haven't, you will love them. (See more...)

Make me a menagerie

If you follow this blog, you’ll know that I LOVE paper art. So when Mari over at Small For Big featured these fun paper animals from  Hartia Toys based in Quebec, I had to share it with you all too! (See more...)

Couplicoles - 3D paper toys specially designed and made for kids, created by Hartia Toys: Cut-Fold-Stick. (See more...)

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The Couplicoles are designed to entertain children while also serving as a learning tool. (See more...)

The paper toys are an occupation that kids love a lot... (See more... - In Bulgarian only)

Grafika 2006

GRAND PRIX Jouets Hartia - Couplicoles (See more... - In French only)

The kids enjoyed making the Couplicoles®. The majority successfully colored and assembled the toys. A fascinating activity!

Martine Day, Daycare Manager, Iona Primary School, Montreal, May 2003.

My children were very excited about this event and are eager to get their scissors and glue to make the paper animals. The activity was well appreciated by both parents and the children.

Stephanie Dufresne, mom of Mika (4 years) and Jeremy (2 years)
(See more... - In Bulgarian only)

Moments of pleasure for the little ones and the big ones!
The Couplicoles develop the manual dexterity, patience and imagination in kids.
They are very good decorations and great amusing toys.

Sonia Bocchicchio

Councellor, International Academy of Design and Technology, 2005

Impressions about a game called: Couplicoles.

I ... found that students have maintained a continual interest until the end of their activity. The game maintained the attention, concentration and determination of the students.

A primary school teacher - Deux-Montagnes, February 18 2005

A great idea and great toys, a real pleasure to make and an excellent entertainment to keep children busy at home.

Lilia Kanter, Montreal, september 2003